The Story Behind Enchanted S.P.A

Imagine. Believe. Enchant.

Because Everyone deserves a Happy Ending

What's your Story?

Our Story

Once upon a time

'...short, dull, lifeless hair was trapped in the style it was bound to. For years this led women everywhere to the curse of bad hair extensions.Things were made worse when they noticed short, straight, unflattering eyelashes and pencil thin eyebrows plaguing the land.

"Sad hair and sad eyes? This can't be!" they all said.

Then one day Enchanted S.P.A appeared to save the day and the storybook ending of long, beautiful hair and thick, elegant lashes and brows began!

All fairytales begin with imagination and the ability to make ourselves believe in our very own dreams coming true. Join us as we make your fantasy reality. Let our products and training bring the happily ever after you've been waiting for!